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Värmland is a real paradise for lovers of nature and active holidays. More than half of the region is covered with forests and lakes. See more

Campsites in Värmland

More about Varmland

It is therefore not surprising that kayaking or boating is a popular form of tourism. There are also many kilometres of hiking and biking trails in the region. One of the most popular activities with children in Värmland is rafting. Under supervision, you build a raft from tree trunks and ropes. Then the relaxing part begins: you sail down the gently flowing Klarälven river on your self-made structure. Got muscle ache yet? After sports, you can let your aching muscles recover in Selma - the region's health resort. With children, a visit to Värmland Moose Park is a real must. In this moose park you can walk among the moose yourself!