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Camping in South-East Slovenia
Famous for its ancient monasteries, imposing castles and quaint vineyards, anyone who desires a luxury camping holiday will be amazed with what south-east Slovenia has in store. Taking the next step just involves getting in touch with LUX-Camp for further information. See more


Why Should I Camp in South-East Slovenia?

TOP 4 overview of South-East Slovenia:

  • A warm and inviting climate. 
  • Mountainous regions that are ideal for hiking.
  • Rivers and streams to navigate.
  • Numerous camping sites which offer quality mobile homes, luxury tents and bungalow tents.

South-East Slovenia: An Amazing Region

This portion of Slovenia has been inhabited for thousands of years and thus, the architecture is seen as displaying some of the most stunning designs throughout the entire country. The aesthetically majestic buildings are enhanced only by the rolling green hills, untouched natural preserves and the ability to enjoy activities that can include bicycling, hiking, horseback riding and wine tasting that complete this setting. Thankfully, the majority of holiday camping sites to be found here are in close proximity to such excursions.

Popular Campsites, beaches & Nature

The Most Popular Campsites in South-East Slovenia

Terme Catez is famous for its ability to provide truly breathtaking camping holidays. As this luxury camping site offers its guests a choice of no less than 450 pitches and dogs are allowed throughout the year, countless families have already enjoyed such a modern resort. Activities such as thermal bathing, golf, volleyball, table tennis and bicycle hire are all found less than a kilometre from Terme Catez. A few modern conveniences include wireless Internet, a gas bottle exchange and freshly baked bread.

Beaches and Nature in South-East Slovenia

Although this portion of Slovenia has no direct contact with the ocean, there are still a number of lakeside beaches to enjoy. Top picks include Radenci at Kolpa and Podzemelj. The waters are quite clean while the shores are perfectly suited for picnics or a day with the family. The mountainous terrain here also provides a number of unique caves and gorges to explore; ideal for spelunking.

Attractions & food, drink and culture

Attractions in South-East Slovenia

Nature aside, there are a number of open-air parks to experience. Ribnika, Trebnje and Metlika should all not be missed. Other attractions include the old towns of Brezice, Crnomelj and Kocevje. Anyone interested in history should frequent the well-known museums of Zlata Kaplja, Novo Mesto and Vesela Gora (a large manor).

Food, Drink and Culture

Hearty beef stews partially define the cuisine here and these will tend to vary from region to region (and even from town to town). It is interesting to note that the dandelion is used as a flavour within many dishes; an aspect that many feel is entirely unique to the Slovenian culture. Rich soils have allowed Merlot-Cabernet wine blends to be very popular as well while Slovenian beer is quite tasty. A welcoming and warm culture will naturally accentuate any meal. LUX-Camp is happy to address any further questions upon request.