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Discover the Traditional Culture of Lake Trasimeno
Boasting some of the most impressive historical cities in the country as well as large areas of intense natural beauty, Lake Trasimeno is the perfect place for culture-loving families to explore during their luxury camping break, while this part of the country is also celebrated for its traditional cuisine and warm hospitality. Get the most out of this enchanting experience by booking your spot on a luxury camping site through LuxCamp. See more

Camping Lake Trasimeno

Camping Around Lake Trasimeno

Also known as Lake Trasimene in English, the luxury camping site of Lake Trasimeno is famous for its tranquil shores and relatively moderate winters when compared to other regions within Central Italy. The entire area has been protected by its residents over the years, so this lake will redefine an unforgettable camping holiday. Several small towns are located nearby and the presence of ancient olive groves provides the entire area with a decidedly timeless feel.

We Know Lake Trasimeno!

Lake Trasimeno will supply you with all of the luxury camping options that you have come to expect. Not only are the waters here very clean, but they can offer a refreshing experience during the summer months.

Why Choose a Camping Holiday at Lake Trasimeno?

LuxCamp is happy to provide you with a few examples of why this camping holiday will leave a lasting impression. Some of the main benefits here include:

  • Immediate access to pristine beaches.
  • Crystal-clear waters.
  • A mild climate for its latitude.

Beaches in the Area

There are several notable beaches to experience when visiting Lake Trasimeno. The strips of sand near Torricella and Isola Polvelse are particularly agreeable for their seclusion; ideal for those who wish to enjoy privacy while staying in their mobile home.

Explore the Area Around Lake Trasimeno

Nearby towns provide open-air markets, exquisite restaurants and exciting dance clubs. A handful of spots worth visiting include San Feliciano, Magione and Passignano sul Trasimeno. Additionally the ancient village of Castiglione is known for its stunning mediaeval castle.