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The Calabria region, with Catanzaro as its capital, is located in the south-western boot of Italy. It has a picturesque charm which can be explained to a large extent by its wild nature. High mountains, wooded areas, beautiful sandy beaches and cosy, but also fascinating little towns. Moreover, Calabria's history is characterised by its connection with Magna Graecia and the Roman Empire, so you can visit beautiful ruins. Book your unforgettable camping holiday in Calabria with LuxCamp. See more

Campsites in Calabria

Why is a camping holiday in Calabria so ideal?

TOP 4 at a glance: 

  • Magnificent mountains combined with the blue sea
  • Fantastic beaches
  • A rich historical heritage
  • A variety of great campsites

The cities of Calabria

Calabria has many fascinating cities where you can experience the interesting history. The city Cosenza has a historical centre with older monuments such as monasteries and palaces. The city Cantazaro is the capital of Calabria and is known for its breathtaking view of the two valleys Musofalo and Fiumarella. You can also visit the city of Crotone, a modern industrial town.

Beaches and nature in Calabria

Calabria offers approximately 800 km of coastline with a wide range of beautiful beaches. You should definitely visit the beach of Capo Vaticano, which is considered one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world with its fine sand surrounded by century-old trees and crystal-clear water. You could also explore the hinterland of Calabria with its beautiful national parks, such as Sila, Serre and Pollino.