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Part 1: My reservation

Part 2: My payment

Part 3: My booking request

Part 4: My online booking seems to have failed

Part 5: Can I change my booking

Part 1: My reservation

What happens after I have made an online booking?

Thank you for your reservation! You will receive an initial confirmation from us immediately after booking indicating that your reservation or booking request has been received in good order. We always need to carry out an extra manual check. As soon as this has been done, you will receive your final travel confirmation/invoice from us. Only then can you start arranging additional matters such as your flight tickets. For the procedure for a booking request we refer you to the item "your booking request".

Is my booking not 100% confirmed right away?

All the accommodations on our website are from different partner organizations, we do not have our own accommodations. With a lot of partners we have a direct link and your reservation could be confirmed immediately. However, we always have to do some manual checks, for example whether it is a booking for a family or for a group of young people. The latter we can hardly ever accept. After we have carried out these checks you will receive your travel agreement/invoice and your reservation will be confirmed. With some partners we do not have a direct link and we need to double check availability before we can confirm your reservation. Especially in busy times this extra check is very important. The accommodations are offered through various websites and no matter how carefully we and our partners handle them, it can happen in exceptional cases that someone has just been there before you and that the accommodation is not there after all. That is why we have built in this extra check. You will only receive the confirmation when we also have it from our partner organization. This is usually the same day if you book during office hours or at the latest the next day if you book outside office hours. (Please note that this procedure does not apply to booking requests, see the item "your booking request").

I want to combine several campsites

Of course, it's possible that you book different campsites for your holiday (taking into account the changeover days and the minimum number of nights to be stayed at the respective campsites). Because we work together with different partners, this cannot be accommodated under one reservation. The different campsites have to be booked separately. Please feel free to contact us in such cases.

I would like to book more than one accommodation on the same campsite

It's great fun to go on holiday with multiple families! The different accommodations have to be booked separately. In the comments field you can let us know that you are travelling together. In most cases we can add a wish for you that you would like to stay next to each other. We cannot guarantee that this wish will be granted... Some suppliers offer the possibility to book a 'next to each other guarantee'. This costs € 30 per mobile home and gives you the guarantee that you are standing next to, opposite or behind each other. In that case, there will never be a mobile home between the booked mobile homes. If the 'next to each other guarantee' is possible with your accommodation, you will find it among the extras during the booking process.  

I  travel together with a group(s) of young people. Is this allowed? 

Many of our suppliers do not accept reservations from groups of young people. Even a group of 2 may be refused due to the family nature of the holidays they offer. We can't really set an age to which this rule applies in this place. One supplier has 21 as a minimum age, but there are also suppliers who do not accept young people under the age of 25. In such cases we will always contact the supplier to verify whether they accept your reservation.  

Does the accommodation on the website look exactly like the one on the campsite? 

The pictures on our website are there to give you a general impression of the accommodation in question.  The photos are not always taken at the campsite that you are looking at. Of course the accommodation has the facilities as described on our site. However, the photos, layout and decor may vary.

Can I also arrive on days other than those mentioned on the website? 

On our website you can see all possible travel durations and arrival days. Campsites and suppliers often have fixed arrival days and often a minimum number of nights you need to stay. This varies per supplier and also per season. 

The available arrival days are not convenient for me

Suppose you can arrive at the campsite of your choice only on Saturday, but you want or can arrive only on Sunday. In many cases this is possible, but you will have to pay from Saturday (an extra night). We always have to ask you in advance. Not all suppliers offer this possibility.

When I looked at the same accommodation yesterday, it was priced differently

This can be beneficial for you, but sometimes it is not. Some of our suppliers work with flexible prices, they let their price depend on the supply and demand. So sometimes the price gets lower, but it may also happen just as often that the price gets higher.

Until when does the early booking offer apply? 

Our Early Booking offers, which gives you the opportunity to change and cancel free of charge, and in which you can take advantage of the loyal customer discount, runs until 31 January of the year in which you travel. The terms and conditions for this promotion can be found on the homepage of our website, as long as the offer is valid. It is certainly worth taking advantage of our early booking offers. You do not run any risk until 31 January of the year in which you travel. After all, you can change or cancel for free until that date (without giving reasons)!

What discounts apply?

Accommodation suppliers often have nice early booking discounts that expire on various dates. For one, the discount is valid until 1 December, for another, for example, until 1 March. Sometimes there are also 14 =7 or 7 = 6 discounts. Of course we will let you benefit from all the discounts that the provider gives us!  We like to offer you very nice holidays for the best possible prices. The price on our website always includes all current discounts. If you see no discount, then unfortunately there is no discount (anymore).

Can I contact you for a last minute?

Due to the high demand for mobile homes and bungalow tents, it is often cheaper to use the various early booking actions. There are often few last-minute offers, especially in the high season these are virtually non-existent. The popular campsites are full so early that no last minute discounts are given. Of course you can always keep an eye on our website, if there are lastminutes, you can find them there!

Part 2: My payment

How much is the down payment? 

The deposit is 30% of your travel sum. The deposit must be paid within 3 days after booking. If you book a trip within 8 weeks before arrival, the entire payment must be made immediately. In that case there is no deposit. If you book your trip during our early booking period, the first down payment is only 75 euros! The down payment of 25% will follow on the date that the early booking action expires.

When do I have to make my final payment? 

The balance has to be paid 8 weeks before your arrival date. When booking within 8 weeks before arrival, the total amount has to be paid in one time when booking. 

What payment term is used? 

For all reservations outside 8 weeks before arrival, you do not have to make a payment immediately during the booking process. You will receive your booking agreement/invoice and have up to 3 days after making your reservation to pay the deposit of 25% of your travel sum. The remaining payment must be made 8 weeks before your arrival date to us. These terms can also be found on your booking agreement. If you book a trip within 8 weeks before your arrival date, you must make the payment during the booking process immediately in its entirety. 

I have made my (down) payment and still get a reminder 

Our reservation system automatically sends out reminders when it detects that there is an outstanding payment. This may be the case if, for example, you have paid 1 euro too little and you yourself had thought of that extra euro to transfer through the balance payment. How small the amount is you will always receive a reminder, please feel free to contact us in such a case. We like to think along with you.

How long does the processing of my payment take?

In most cases, the payment will be processed no later than 1 working day after receiving your payment. If you have made your payment on Friday or during the weekend, it will be processed no later than the next working day after receipt.

My payment term has expired, what now?

This can happen to anyone and we understand that. Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities together.  

I have received a reminder

We will always send you 2 payment reminders before we cancel your reservation. We will also try to get in touch with you by phone to discuss the outstanding payment with you. However, if we do not receive any response and your payment is not received, we will be forced to cancel your reservation and charge you the costs involved. If it concerns a last minute reservation, there is often not enough time for the 2 mentioned reminders and we will contact you directly if no payment is made. Also in this case we will cancel the reservation if the payment is not made and the cancellation costs will be for your account. We assume, of course, that all this is not necessary.

Can I make a payment arrangement?

We need to discuss this internally per request. Under certain conditions this is sometimes possible. Please contact us about this, we will discuss the possibilities with you.

What payment options do you have?

You can pay with us via a bank transfer or via your personal portal. You can log into your personal portal with your booking number and your customer number. You can then use your credit card (Visa and Mastercard) to make your payment.

Part 3: My booking request

What does a booking on request mean?

This means that the accommodation is no longer available in stock. We will contact the supplier of your accommodation to request additional accommodation. This usually takes 2 to 3 working days. If the accommodation is available, it will immediately be a definite reservation. You will then receive a booking agreement from us which also serves as an invoice. If the accommodation is not available, your reservation will be cancelled and we will look into other possibilities with you. We will inform you about this by telephone or e-mail.

Can I cancel a booking request?
This is possible in theory, as long as we have not yet received an answer from the provider. Once we have received a positive response, the reservation is final and can no longer be cancelled free of charge.

Is it possible to change a pending booking request? 
A pending request can be modified as long as there is no response from the provider. You should always contact us about this. It is possible that we have already received an answer, but have not yet had the opportunity to inform you.

Can I make a booking request for information only? 
Unfortunately, this is not possible. The agreement with our partners is that we will only submit requests if the booking can be made definite. We do this to avoid confusion, overbooking or no shows. It is in everyone's interest that we do not do this, also and especially yours.

Part 4: My online booking seems to have failed

I fill in all the information on the website but I can't get any further

Sometimes the accommodation may seem available, but it is not possible to book it. This can have several causes. Sometimes the accommodation has just been booked away, in which case two bookings have crossed each other. The accommodation is allocated to the person who has completed the booking process the quickest. Another cause could be that the website recognizes that there are too many guests in the booking, or that the children are too "old" to be able to use the upper bed of the bunk bed.  In such cases, please always contact us, we will be happy to look into the matter with you and help you further.

I wanted to book online but now the accommodation seems to be unavailable 

This could be the case. The accommodations on our website are distributed through various channels. Sometimes you are just late and the accommodation is booked away while you are still filling in your details. However, it is also possible that you have already clicked on the accommodation and that it will "hang" in the supplier's system as "pending". In this case, the accommodation will return to its original state after about half an hour to an hour. If in doubt you can always contact us.

I do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt 

Have you already looked in your spam mailbox? Sometimes our confirmations end up there. If this is not the case, please contact us as soon as possible. You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:30 and on Saturday from 09:00 to 15:00.

I do not receive a travel confirmation/invoice 

After you have received the first provisional confirmation of receipt, some time may elapse before you receive the final travel confirmation/invoice. Especially if you make the reservation outside office hours. If you have made the reservation in the weekend, you will receive the final travel confirmation/invoice on Monday. If you make the reservation from Monday to Friday in the evening, you will receive it the next day. If you make the reservation during office hours, in most cases you will receive the travel confirmation/invoice on the same day. On national holidays you will receive the travel confirmation/invoice on the next working day. Tip: check your spam mailbox to be sure! If in doubt, please feel free to contact us.

Part 5: Can I change my booking?

Are there any costs involved in changing a reservation? 

This has to be discussed per situation. Because we work with many different partners, a change must take place within the offer of the original "chosen" partner. If the travel sum is higher, it is usually possible to change within the partner's offer. If the travel sum is lower, cancellation fees often have to be paid for the difference between the original and the new travel sum. The amount of this cancellation fee depends on the moment you change. The closer you get to the day of arrival, the higher the costs will be. According to our terms and conditions, a £ 27,- change fee may be charged per change. If you want to change a booking to the offer of another partner, the change will be considered as a cancellation, this will be subject to the then applicable cancellation costs. Please feel free to contact us if you want to change your booking.

How do I change my booking?

To do so, please contact us by e-mail. We will then contact you to discuss the possibilities and consequences of the change with you.

Can I change the travellers?

The main booker of the reservation can change the fellow travellers, this has to be done by e-mail. It is important that the main booker remains the main booker. 

Until when can I change my booking?

This is different for each partner and also depends on the type of change. In case of a change, please contact us, we will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

Can I choose to transfer my booking to another family?

If both families agree to this by e-mail, this is possible in many cases. We will have to check this with the partner in question on a case-by-case basis. In many cases, however, they will cooperate. In such a case, you will have to take care of any paid travel expenses yourself.