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The best campsites in Hilvarenbeek in North-Brabant
Hilvarenbeek in is a small municipality found within the southern portion of the Netherlands and bordering Belgium. Known for its quaint villages and major tourist attractions, the holiday camping sites within these confines are certainly not to be missed. LUX-camp should be contacted by anyone looking to enjoy an amazing camping holiday. See more

Camping in Hilvarenbeek - North-Brabant

Holiday Camping Sites Within Hilvarenbeek in North-Brabant

Why Should I Select the Holiday Camping Sites Within Hilvarenbeek?

A close proximity to numerous attractions.

An opportunity to appreciate the traditional culture here.

The possibility to visit safari parks, wildlife refuges and much more.

Many luxury camping sites here boast modern conveniences.

What Makes Hilvarenbeek so Special?

Unlike other luxury camping excursions, the region of Hilvarenbeek is rather small. Therefore, all of the major tourist attractions are within an agreeable distance. The history of this region has been traced back at least to the Roman times and many buildings here reflect a unique originality in terms of their architecture. Hilvarenbeek is also a very "green" municipality; there are a number of parks and nature preserves to enjoy during one's stay.

Beaches, Nature and The Most Popular Campsite

Popular Campsite - Beekse Bergen

Guests have the ability to stay in modern mobile homes upon their arrival. Football, table tennis, swimming and even diving courses are all available within this unique example of camping luxury. However, the most interesting attraction here is a large safari park. Zebras, giraffes, large birds and a host of exotic animals enable this facility to be popular for children and adults alike.

Beaches and Nature

Most luxury camping sites are located quite close to open-air parks and other hiking paths. Still, the aforementioned Beekse Bergen zoo will offer all visitors here the chance to enjoy an up-close-and-personal view of nature. Many of these animals are not native to Europe, so the opportunity to experience such an eclectic mix should not be missed. While there are no natural beaches in the region, open-air pools found within holiday camping sites are excellent alternatives.

Attractions, Food and Culture


Besides the large safari park, there are a number of quaint restaurants and tourist shops within the town itself. Fans of history will be glad to know that two museums will provide unique windows into the past. These are the Museumbrouwerij Roos (a brewery museum) and the Museum Boerderij Grutje. Dining out is another common option here.

Food, Drink and Culture

It is always a good idea to check out Dutch foods during any luxury camping holiday. Some notable examples here include the sweet appeltaart, deep-fried snacks known as bitterballen, a type of sausage called rookwurst and stroopwaffels (chewy cookies). Many fine Dutch beers here will likewise be able to satisfy the tastes of any aficionado. A considerable portion of the locals in Hilvarenbeek speak excellent English and they are extremely welcoming to foreigners who intend to absorb their culture.