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Limburg, the Netherlands
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Camping Limburg

Camping at Limburg

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Limburg

Situated in the southern part of the Netherlands, Limburg is a charming region where historical towns and cities are interspersed with large areas of wild natural beauty. With its historical and cultural attractions as well as vibrant nightlife scene, the city of Maastricht makes a great base, while numerous traditional villages are just a short drive away. Secure your spot on a leading luxury camping site today by booking through LuxCamp.

Learn More About Limburg

We Know Limburg!

Luxury camping lovers are sure to want to spend plenty of time getting to know the vibrant city of Maastricht. Visitors can enjoy the appealing mixture of historic buildings and monuments, an array of cultural activities and some fine restaurants. Upstream is the Limburg Provincial House, where a 1991 European Union summit drew up the 1992 Treaty of Maastricht

Why Choose a Camping Holiday in Limburg?

There are lots of great reasons to choose to stay in a mobile home in the Limburg region. Some of Limburg’s highlights include:

  • Close proximity to Maastricht
  • Impressive national parks
  • Enchanting traditional villages

Food and drink in Limburg

Maastricht boasts plenty of good restaurants and cafés. Chocoholics will want to visit Olivier Bonbons, which has been producing handmade chocolates more than 30 years. Another famous Limburg speciality is known as vlaai fruit tart, and this sweet treat can be sampled in a number of cafes scattered throughout the city.

Exploring Limburg

Thorn is just a short drive north of Maastricht. The village has an ancient atmosphere, with cobbled streets and white-painted houses. Ten miles east of Maastricht, and nestled among gently sloping hills, is the charming town of Valkenburg, while the large and lovely Den Bosch makes a great daytrip destination.