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The province of Friesland is located in the north of the Netherlands where there is plenty of space and tranquillity. One of the main attractions of Friesland are the many lakes, which are popular with tourists in the summer. But Friesland has more to offer! There are no less than 4 National Parks, including the island of Schiermonnikoog. You can regularly spot seals here and it is the breeding ground for many bird species. Did you know that the largest still working steam pumping station in the world, the Ir. D.F. Wouda pumping station, is located in Friesland, in the town of Tacozijl? Franeker is home to the oldest planetarium in the world, the Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium. Here you can learn even more about the solar system. You will probably do the children more of a favour with a day at the beach or an ice cream in one of the eleven Frisian cities, such as Hindeloopen, Harlingen or Dokkum. See more