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Camping in the aura of the Jura Alps
The Jura Alps sit at the border between France and Switzerland, bordering the famous Western Alps. Together with the Jura Mountains proper, they separate the Rhine and Rhône basins. Sitting high up as they do, they are picturesque and beautiful – one of LUX-camp's foremost destinations for travellers who want adventure packaged with luxury! See more

Camping in the French Alps & Jura

Learn more about the Jura Alps...

Why should I camp in the Jura Alps?

  • A variety of campsites for everyone from nature-lovers to nature-dabblers.
  • A breathtaking natural experience that invigorates the minds of children and adults alike.
  • Lookout peaks, caves and gorges for the truly adventurous, contrasted by the safety of villages dotting the landscape.
  • Internationally-recognized historical cities and heritage sites.

The way and lay of the Jura Alps

As previously mentioned, the Jura Alps sit between the French-Switzerland border, and municipalities from both countries can be found around the Alps. The A40 autoroute crosses through the region, alongside other roads.

The most popular campsites in the Jura Alps

Le val de Bonnal

A water park near the tiny French commune of Bonnal, Camping du Val de Bonnal is a fantastic place to stay, with cabins aplenty and the option of staying in a bungalow tent for those who'd prefer that. With kayaking, roping, and fishing, there's water-borne fun aplenty, and the camp's mobile homes are pet friendly as well. Go in the high season for the longest restaurant hours and newspapers at the grocer!

Les Fontaines

Les Fontaines is a small and peaceful camp in the Haute-Savoie region very close to the Jura Alps proper. With a mountain within walking distance and a lake at its back door, Les Fontaines offers much more than the shops of nearby Chaparon and wireless throughout the campsite. For good food, tranquility, and Europe's purest Lake Annecy, visit Les Fontaines!

Camping Le Fayolan

For the unspoiled nature of the Jura Alps and the convenience of a village just outside your luxury tent, Camping Le Fayolan is one of the best options. It has a little bit of everything a family could want: warmth, food baked and cooked, Internet, and both newspapers and broadcasts from around the world. But outside of the comforts of the hearth, it also offers many free attractions, and an easy gateway to the natural beauty of the Jura Alps. A beautifully rounded place to stay.

Beach, Nature and Cities

Cities in the Jura Alps

Several small cities can be found in the Jura Alps, such as the Swiss cities of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Sainte-Croix and Le Locle. The latter is often considered to be one of Swiss watchmaking's many homes, with countless manufacturers having started and based there. Aside from that, the cities are well-sized for day tourism and accessible from most luxury camping sites.

Beaches and Nature in the Jura Alps

Although not many beaches can be found in the landlocked Alps, lakes and pools take their place almost perfectly. What's more, forests and falls fill the white-pocked mountains from top to bottom, making the Alps a perfect place for nature lovers who love luxury camping.