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Welcome to your campsite in Jutland!
Jutland is the northernmost part of Denmark, connecting the Baltic Sea with the North Sea (because the waters have different densities, the seas do not mix but meet). It specialises in flatlands and beautiful beaches, where you can lay down and sunbathe on warmer summer days. The western part of Jutland has two islands, which are the most common holiday destination for Danes, also thanks to the National Wadden Sea Park. Visit Jutland and discover what nature can offer you! See more

Campsites in Jutland

Why should you choose Jutland for your camping holiday?

  • the rich history of the Vikings,
  • many national natural parks,
  • Sandy beaches,
  • few tourists

The charm of seaside towns

One of the unique features of Jutland is the coastline, which is full of charming harbour towns. RIBE is one of the most recommended places, due to its age and narrow streets, full of colourful houses. The town full of mysteries attracts tourists who like active sightseeing. One cannot forget about Billund, the capital of Legoland. It is a real paradise for children and lovers of brick games.