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Pag Island for Your Camping Holiday
With its vast stretches of barren, rocky landscape surrounded by the steely blue waters of the Adriatic, Pag Island exudes a sense of the dramatic. Let LUX-camp rent your mobile home at a holiday camping site here, and you will become privy to the many hidden treasures of this most remarkable Croatian region. See more

Camping in the Island of Pag

All about Pag Island

Why Choose Pag Island for Your Camping Holiday:

  • A landscape temps the adventurer.
  • The opportunity to discover the rich history of the region.
  • Luxury camping accommodation that promotes the release of tension.
  • Exceptional conditions for enjoying water sports.

The Unique Attractions of Pag Island

Dating back to the Stone Age, Pag Island is most renowned for its salt production, but its long and turbulent history has left many reminders of past rulers. From Illyrian tribes to Roman conquerors, Croatian-Hungarian to Venetian rulers, the architectural heritage is fascinating and diverse. The spectacular natural landscape includes golden beaches, oleanders and lush Mediterranean vegetation that add to the luxury camping experience.

The Most Popular Campsites in Pag Island


As well as a luxurious interior, a mobile home in Simuni provides a roofed terrace that allows guests to enjoy the spectacular sight of a sunrise and sunset over the Pag archipelago. Luxury camping also includes a wellness centre with sea views to pamper both mind and body after a day’s thrilling excursions or sports activities.

The Pag Lace Gallery

Besides its many on-site delights, a highlight of staying at the luxury camping site of Simuni is a trip to discover the history of its world-renowned lace work. Housed in the restored Ducal Palace, the history of this intricate art as well as its communal importance is beautifully illustrated.

Collegiate Church of the Assumption

The interior structure of this historical church spans 2 centuries, with its completion in the 16th century being followed by a restoration in the 18th century, which included baroque ceiling decorations. Depictions of the Virgin with women in Pag traditional clothing sit beside unfinished sculptures of saints.

Beaches and Nature in Pag Island

The olive trees of Lun are part of the unique natural landscape of Pag Island. Camping luxury can include visiting a site where some trees are more than 1,500 years old. The pebbly Beritnica beach offers another unique spectacle of 3 huge rocks rising out of a shallow sea.

Trincel and Zcre beaches also provide the type of landscape that invites camping holiday sunbathing.

Attractions, Food and Culture in Pag Island

Attractions in Pag Island

Luxury camping on Pag Island includes the isolated coves, roman ruins and medieval churches found mainly in Pag Town and Novalja, which also offers partygoers plenty to dance about.

Food Drink and Culture

Pag’s sheep-milk cheese plays a significant role in traditional cuisine, especially in the delicious risotto popular here. Fresh seafood is another favourite, while Croatian wines complement any dish.