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Camping in Kvarner Bay
Kvarner Bay offers spectacularly clean waters, natural attractions, pristine holiday camping resorts and unrivalled beauty. Those who wish to learn more are encouraged to contact LUX-Camp. See more


Why Should I Camp at Kvarner Bay?

TOP 4 overview Camping Kvarner Bay:

  • Tropical beaches and alluring blue waters.
  • A number of high-quality holiday camping sites.
  • Most locations are open throughout the year.
  • Local towns rich in history, culture and tradition.

A Closer Look at Kvarner Bay
This natural bay has been known as an important trading port for centuries and recently, Kvarner Bay is also a popular camping holiday destination. Due in large part to a tranquil climate throughout the year, visitors from around the world are slowly learning of the benefits that this region has in store. There are a number of small islands found immediately offshore and the majority are open to tourists. An added plus is that a regional airport is found on the large island of Krk.

Popular Campsites, beaches & Nature

The Most Popular Campsites in Kvarner Bay
Camp Klenovika is nestled within the heart of Kvarner Bay, making it is conveniently suited for those who still wish to have access to the surrounding villages. The 12 hectares of enclosed space ensure the utmost levels of privacy and there is even a large open-air pool suited for both children and adults. Outdoor dining facilities overlooking the bay, large mobile homes, bungalow tents and on-site eateries are only a few of the amenities which Camp Klenovika provides to its guests. This location is open throughout the year.

Beaches and Nature in Kvarner Bay
The best beaches are situated on islands such as Cres, Krk, Rab and Pag. Those looking to mingle with other foreigners should travel to locations such as Beach Lovrana, Beach Medveja and the city beach of Crikvenica. To get away from the crowds, be sure to check out Beach Brsec and Beach Skrbici. Many of the islands boast beautifully forested inland retreats. Guided tours are available while staying inland provides visitors with the ability to hike along established trails.

Attractions & food, drink and culture

Attractions in Kvarner Bay
The beaches are certainly the most popular attractions during the warmer months of the year. However, secluded coves such as Mali Bek and Orlec provide a greater sense of privacy. Visitors can also choose to take a guided tour of Biserujka Cave or visit the Monastery Museum at Kosljun. Blue World is a great family-oriented aquatic zoo. As this location enables visitors to interact with live dolphins, it’s an understandably popular attraction.

Food, Drink and Culture
Although some of the foods here resemble a Mediterranean flavour, other specialities are uniquely Croatian. Examples include veal soup, salted cod with potatoes and wild duck with sauce. Coastal (Primorska) wines are quite popular here and the dessert variety is particularly famous. These are then combined with a warm and inviting interpersonal ambiance. Please contact LUX-Camp to address any further questions.