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All about Krk Island and the best campsites
Sitting off the coast of Croatia, Krk Island is a temperate and beautiful piece of the Adriatic Sea. On it, an enormous bridge provides access to the port of Rijeka. Having a good time in Krk Island is easy, and LUX-camp makes vacationing there easy from booking to the end, so get in touch today! See more

Camping & Campsite in Krk Island

All about Krk Island

Why should I camp at Krk Island?

  • Plenty of mobile homes on and around the island.
  • Access to multiple other islands, each with their own attraction.
  • Subdued natural beauty and rich history.
  • It's family-friendly.

All about the sweeping beauty of Krk Island

Krk Island could, itself, be considered a luxury camping site. After all, with its beauty and nature jam-packed into an island sized perfectly for a week from home, there's no reason not to consider the island, itself, to be a place of luxury camping.

The most popular sites in Krk Island


A tiny town on a small island may not sound like much, but a stroll through Vrbnik could change anyone's mind on that. A walk down its narrowest street might broaden the minds of children, just by its beauty: the literally tiny details of Vrbnik, from five-foot doors to compact landscaping, speak to its historical nature in a way nothing else can.

Boat tours

Day and night, rain or shine, Krk Island offers a huge variety of boat tours that take advantage of its location.

Kosljun Monastery Museum

Krk Island is part of a region with a history of travel, intermingling peoples, and sudden events. The region's rich history is well-reflected in the monastery museum of Kosljun, a neighbouring island, which provides a Catholic point of view crammed into a small, impressive monastery – perfect for an hour's learning.

Beaches, Attractions and Food in Krk Island

Beaches and nature in Krk Island

Beaches are a large part of Krk's inviting appeal. Many beaches surround the island, such as the beach of Baska, providing sunny relief, or at least warmth, from its cascade of thin meshed trees. You won't find sprawling forests on Krk, but it has plenty to like.

Attractions in Krk Island

Krk Island has a city bearing its namesake, and beyond that, the island itself is you or your family's oyster. Of course, many neighbouring islands all with their own attractions to offer are at most a ferry ride away. This makes Krk Island perfect for a camping holiday if you want the atmosphere of an island with the choices of a central hub like Rijera.

Food, Drink and Culture

Much of Krk Island's food follows the coastal Croatian tradition of juicy spices mixed with simple coast-bound ingredients. For drink, there's wine enough to fill a vacation. As one might expect, Krk Island bears numerous influences from its neighbouring cities with a historical stillness that lends it its own air.